Saturday, May 28, 2011

If You Like Milk Mixed Drinks and Getting Caught in the Rain...

We have made it to Madrid after a very frustrating experience in the airport. Remember when I had to deal with United? Well, something similar happened yesterday. I had to reschedule my flight as I said in that post from Ibiza to Madrid on the 2nd. Then we found out that we had to be out of the house in Formentera on the 27th so that meant buying a new flight for yesterday. Besides not being able to cancel the flight on the 2nd due to AirEuropa not having phone customer service, everything is okay. I got an email saying that my Dad's credit card had been charged. When I arrive at the airport to check in, the man behind the counter tells me that I do not have a ticket for the flight because the booking was made and then canceled. Long story short, I had to buy a whole new ticket for 216 euros. Fun stuff. So now I have spent over $900 on AirEuropa and so far they are not addressing the issue. Grr...
Madrid is awesome so far. We ate tapas for lunch.
 Our hostel is located right in the heart of Madrid near the Sol Plaza. Right now there are a ton of people camping out and demonstrating because of the economy. Marina has a friend who we met up with last night who said that it is normally not like this.
Plaza del Sol

 We spent the afternoon walking around. It is amazing how many shoe stores they have here! After not shopping for 6 months, I am ready!

We wandered over to a huge park called Parque de Retiro and spent a while walking around.
Parque del Retiro
Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and we got caught in the rain. It was surprisingly cold. We all remarked that we hadn't been caught in the rain for a really long time, not since the beginning on the Galapagos trip.
row boats at Parque del Retiro
At night, we met up with Marina's friend and a friend of a friend who were studying in Prague this last semester and had previously studied in Madrid. She showed us around a little bit. There was an even larger demonstration at the plaza and it took forever to work our way through the crowd.
demonstration at Plaza del Sol
We went to this delicious tapas bar that was also crazy crowded.
more tapas and sangria!
We then went to a bar that is designed like a cave. Their signature drink is based on milk that comes out of a stalactite in the ceiling. Crazy, right? I personally didn't like it and the concept of a milk mixed drink is kind of weird, no? But it was a good experience.
milk poured from the ceiling of the cave

the girls

me with the 4 liter drink

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