Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feather Fascinators

The internet works surprisingly well here in Formentera (compared to the Galapagos of course). The internet cafes that we go to are beautiful compared to the plastic table we sat at in the Galapagos being swarmed by flies and equatorial heat. Sa Volta is our favorite and we can sit and spend as long as we need using the dear internet. We order beer or tea and enjoy the quick connection and watch whatever sport is on the TV (usually soccer or tennis).

The other night I got to skype (yep, the connection is that good, better than WirelessCanes) with my sister Meredith. We talked about her upcoming craft show that she will be in. Her first! 
In case you didn’t know, Meredith runs her own small business called Feather Fascinators. She makes fun, quirky, beautiful feather hair accessories. She started out making them for friends and it has now turned into an awesome business on Etsy and now is making its’ way into the craft show world.
I happen to own a number of Feather Fascinators now and am always searching her Etsy sight for new ones I like. I also get a perk of being related to the mastermind and I have some custom pieces. I have two orange and green (Go Canes!) fascinators, a light blue and dark blue fascinator with a silver owl (my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, colors and symbol), and a super cute peacock/blue/black/purple feather fascinator that I wore to semi-formal last December.
Anyways, Mer is super excited about this show, so if you live in the Maryland area and are looking for something to do on May 21st, new things to see, go check her out and give her a big hug for me! If you don’t live in the Maryland area, check out her Etsy site and her facebook page. I haven’t seen her since December, but all three sisters will be reunited in Otis this coming June for a weekend!


  1. ehhh hhheemmm... And her fabulous sister, Rachel, will be helping her at the craft show! Come see us!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Hannah! I haven't told you yet, but I've been working on a feather fascinator surprise for you when I see you in June.

    It's true, I am super excited for my first craft show - and Rachel is fabulous for volunteering to help me with it. I'm ordering new business cards and stickers soon.

    For those of you in the DC area, the show is in Lorton, which is about 6 miles south of the beltway, just south of Springfield. There's a bunch of other crafters besides me so you should visit and make a day of it!

    Also, technology is great. I loved skyping with you - being able to video chat with you in Spain for free is amazing. See you soon Hannah!