Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cold-Blooded Cannibals

Hi. What's up? We just finished up another rough day of life here on Formentera. AND we have the next 2 days off.
Ryan. Need I say more?
Today we finished up the female half of the cannibalism experiment. The way this experiment works is similar to the tethered intruder, but this time with juveniles. Juveniles are introduced to lizards and we see if they want to eat them (usually they do). As soon as they bite we pull them away as not to cause injury to the juvenile. These lizards are considered cannibals. If they do not attack the juvenile, we present a caterpillar. If they eat the caterpillar after not biting the juvenile, they are considered a "non-cannibal". If they attack neither we consider them not hungry and exclude them from the data. We finished presenting a round of 13 juveniles to both males and females. Of course the place where we performed the work, Cap de Barbaria, was awful.
Nate's friend, Joris van Alphen, has been here the past couple of days to work on a film about evolution for a contest. They are both very talented photographers/videographers and I can't wait to see the film they are making! It will only be 3 minutes long and geared towards high schoolers, but it will include swimming lizards, cannibalism, pollination, and all other kinds of adventure lizards awesomeness! Here is a link to Joris' blog. He mentions Formentera and the film they are making. Click around his site to see his photography also(especially the underwater stuff).
Joris and Nate filming

The "Valley of Death" for the seagulls
As always the sunsets are beautiful here.
I am also learning to cook! Very slowly, but I am expanding my knowledge base. Nate taught me how to make this garlic cream sauce with zucchini. Yum!
I also have a serious question for all you blog readers. My travels are nearing their end, but I still plan to blog. I plan to turn it from a travel based blog to a science/nature/outdoor adventure blog. Would you continue to read? What would keep you interested? I've really fallen in love with blogging and already have some ideas for the future, I just need to know if it will work. Please leave me a comment below and tell me why you read now and what you would like to see in the future. Thank you. 
My Lizard Catch Count: 21


  1. I made the decision to keep blogging after settling down in Miami. I still haven't a clue what people want to read but I put what's interesting to me. Although I love when people read the blog, it will ultimately serve as a way for me to remember and re-live all these things when I'm old and wrinkly.

  2. We will totally read!!! You can be the girls' virtual science teacher! We start our Biology studies in June- finishing up chemistry right now :) I love reading your blog.

  3. Hey- are you set up so that people can subscribe to your posts via email? I think there's a way to set that up on your page- then when you update, the latest posts comes to your inbox. We'd totally do that....