Thursday, April 7, 2011


We've been bumming around in Quito for the past couple days trying to entertain ourselves. We had to come back a day early to go through a census process and our flights were originally moved from Thursday morning to Thursday night leaving us with over 48 hours in the capital of Ecuador.
Marina in the Baltra airport waiting to go to Quito

We have the awesome fortune to be staying at a really nice hotel in Quito which is paid for by our program fee. It has fast internet, a fireplace, and a nice TV and DVD player. It's come in handy because it's rained a ton since we got into Quito. We got here Tuesday afternoon and did some walking and fooding. Yesterday we headed out to a market in the afternoon after we went to the immigration office and registered for our 1 year citizenship. Since we had volunteer visas, we were required to be included in the census. The market was a couple blocks away and was filled with all kinds of gifts and souvenirs. I ended up doing some bargaining and got away with some pretty cool stuff including a hammock which I am bringing to Spain.

On the way back the two Californians found and In-n-Out.
Later that night Johann took us out for dinner again. We met him in Plaza Grande and he took us around to see Old Town which had beautiful churches and important buildings.

Presidential Palace

Ecuador's "Statue of Liberty"

Street of the 7 Cathedrals

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