Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter (Deadliest Catch Style)

He is risen! Happy Easter! While it is almost 6 PM here, the East Coast US is 8 hours behind us and it is fun to imagine children waking up right now and running to see if the Easter bunny came or sitting in church. This morning we made more clay models and this afternoon we had a little adventure...

Nate has this friend Alex. Alex works for the Marine Reserve here in Formentera. Alex also has a 100,000 + euro zodiac for his work. Today Alex took us out for a ride in this $150,000 boat. Did I mention this thing goes up to 80mph? Ya, it was a pretty cool Easter. When we arrived on the boat Alex offered us waterproof, red overalls. It started off as a funny joke when we put them on, little did we know that we were going to be covered head to toe with splashing water and pelting rain.

Ryan, Marina, and I in our Deadliest Catch outfits
 This boat is made for bad weather. I mean really bad weather. The Coast Guard in Vancouver when I visited a few summers ago had the same type of boat and similar outfits. It was a cloudy day here, but we still went out and got a good view of the coastline of Formentera. We also went a little bit out into the water between us and Ibiza so we could see what this boat was meant for. The swells and waves were huge, HUGE. And Alex turned around to us (there were 3 seats directly behind the driver and the copilot seats and handles on the back) and said "Hold on for this next part. If you want to stand up over the large waves it will hurt less. Let me know if it's too painful. Be careful." We didn't really know what this meant, so we grabbed the handles and could not have imagined what happened next. We began flying over waves and bouncing over them I swear the propellers exited the water many times. We were hanging on for dear life and water was spraying everywhere and bouncing in and out of our seats as we flew over the swells. This is the kind of activity that, even though it is perfectly safe and this is what Alex does for a living, terrifies me and I was screaming. Afterward Ryan compared it to the screaming I did about the manta rays. At one point Nate turned around and said my eyes were the size of dinner plates and I had a look of sheer terror. And that is exactly what it felt like.
Before the waves with dry hair (note the handles)

After the crazy waves with soaking wet hair and clothing
The waves were only rough on certain sides of the island due to the way the wind was blowing and we got a very nice tour of the beautiful cliffs, caves, and color of the water here. The lack of waves also enabled Alex to go top speed on the boat, which is fast.

I also managed to have a little fun in between the "life flashing before my eyes" moments.
my boyfriend Ryan and I

Marina and Ryan striking a pose
Nate and Alex talking in a cave that we pulled into
Alex closing up his boat after the ride

Happy Easter Everyone! The Easter Lizard failed to show up this morning so eat some jellybeans for me! I guess I can't complain since I didn't put out a basket.
My Lizard Catch Count: 6


  1. Hmm... I feel like I've seen those eyes the size of dinner plates before... maybe surfing in Australia... No wonder you hate big waves. I've scared you for life!

  2. I think Australia was more least here I got to keep breathing while in Australia I was stuck underwater! And it is probably the reason I hate big waves grrrr Rachel