Monday, April 4, 2011

The First Day of School

Although we are only 1 degree south of the equator, this is considered the southern hemisphere meaning that summer is coming to a close. Maithe is entering her 2nd year of primary today was the first day of a new school year! Last night over dinner Lorena told me that she would be up early to take Maithe to school and I asked if I could tag along. We took a taxi and left the house nice and early 6:45 AM. We were among the first there, but it gave us many opportunities to take pictures. Maithe was super nervous for some reason so she isn't her normal perky self in all the pictures. 

Me and my host mom

Dajanet and Maithe (a niece of another host family)
 Each grade had to line up with a line of boys and a line of girls in height order and they had to be a certain distance apart (hence putting their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them). When the kids lined up, the Ecuadorian National Anthem was played, the principal gave an introduction, the teachers were introduced, and then the Isabela Anthem was played. Both anthems are probably 5 minutes each and all the parents and students were standing around in the blazing sun. We then went to Maithe's classroom for the  year and the teacher spoke to the parents for a little while and we finally left. Two hours later we walk home. I think I definitely got my cultural experience for the day!
2nd grade class

Maithe originally chose a desk in the back, but Lorena made her move up and now she's in the first row

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