Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can Marroig

Nate is on vacation this week so we have some "days off". I say it like that because this work that we are doing is not extremely strenuous and we do have some responsibilities while he is gone such as catching 50 lizards and keeping the lizards that we have alive. So far, so good. Today we visited Can Marroig which is in Catalan so it is pronounced 'cammaroach'. This site was truly beautiful and we were the only people there all day. We rolled in around 12 and I spent some time reading while Ryan and Marina snorkeled and then we went cliff jumping.
Ibiza is the island in the background

I will be the first to say that I am the biggest wuss when it comes to things like this. I sat on the ledge for at least 10 minutes trying to give excuses why I didn't want to jump and Marina and Ryan yelled at me until I finally did it (if you're facebook friends with me Ryan put up a lot of pictures that he took from the cliff angle). 

The water here is freezing (around 55) but the snorkeling and water clarity is excellent and I saw some pretty cool stuff during the short time I could stand being in the water.

It's finally nice to be a little independent and get to see the island. We fixed up our bikes, went to the grocery store, got our clothes washed, and are well on our way to being adults :)
My Lizard Catch Count: 6

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