Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This afternoon we went kayaking around the bay near the port and tintoreras. We saw penguins, pelicans, frigate birds, turtles, marine iguanas, and others. It was nice to spend the afternoon on the water although it included a lot of splashing each other and a brief tip over. Beth's class is really interesting and is a good contrast to Mike's class which was all about about fish. Today lecture was on sea lions and turtles. Every field trip we have to write a field journal entry about and I am really enjoying taking detailed notes about locations and animal behavior. Tonight, Johann, the guy who basically runs IOI, is spending his last night here before his vacation so we are going out to spend some time with him. Tonight also marks the start of Fiesta de Isabela. It was supposed to start last Friday night, but if you refer to my post about the tsunami it's apparent that no one was in town for a fiesta. Tomorrow we are going to Tuneles which is a snorkel spot I have been waiting for for....forever. So excited!

Colby did absolutely no fooling around for the record. At the end he tried to race Ryan and I to shore and failed miserably when he fell out of his kayak, but his foot (with 10 stitches) thankfully remained on the boat. 

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