Friday, March 18, 2011

Fishing Take Two

Colby and Ryan getting fish at the same time
It has been exactly one week since the tsunami threat and life has returned to normal. We went fishing this morning to finish off Beth's class and it was awesome. The weather was great, seas were relatively calm, and the fish were biting! This is the first time I had ever been real deep sea fishing and overall I would give it a thumbs up. I really didn't enjoy the fish being speared in the side in order to get them on the boat, the bleeding of the tuna, or the clubbing of the wahoo, but besides that it was fun!
Well deserved giant Yellow fin Tuna and Wahoo
Colby is the fisherman of the group and although we each got a turn to reel in the fish, he did most of the work mainly because he know's what he is doing and a lot stronger than us. None of the girls could reel anything in by themselves. He would help us hold the rod while we reeled and would take over if anything happened such as a bull sea lion coming over to tear apart the Wahoo before it was fully reeled in.
Marina's Wahoo- the first of the day. It weighed 53 pounds
When it was my turn I reeled in the fish only to find that it was a little yellow fin tuna- too small to take with us, but I had fun reeling it in and taking pictures with it.
Thank you to Marina who photographed while I "fought" the fish

I look frightened because my fingers are stuck through his gills and less than inches away from its teeth. Also, it was still alive and very feisty.
Marina and I letting the boys do the hard work
4/5 of the awesome boat group
Ryan, me, Erin, and Colby
All the fish were stuck in a whole in the deck in the middle of the boat. By the end there was a nice pool of blood also. It was pretty gruesome. The fish were also too big to fit. You may notice that I am wearing only one sock in all of these pictures and it is because I have a wound on my foot that just scabbed over and I wanted to protect it without using a bandaid and having the adhesive rip off my scab. The sock trick worked perfectly. 
Even bloody, dead fish get a thumbs up
Our wonderful boat and the 5 fish we caught
The aftermath- one foot socked, the other one covered in yellow fin blood!
Tonight we are having another IOI bbq/ fish bake. We took the smaller Wahoo which was 43 pounds and the largest yellow fin and tonight they will both be in our bellies!


  1. What happened to fish are friends not food?! You don't eat fish.