Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Javier and our program director Lauren seeking revenge
We just finished Carnaval here on Isabela and it has left me wondering why we don't do this in the United States. I know we have an equivalent (Mardi Gras), but it's really not the same. Carnaval consists of music all day on the beach with several food tents set up. All day people swim, hang out on the beach, drink beer, eat good food, and cover each other with spray foam. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all spent trying to spend as much time at the beach enjoying the cultural experience and having fun. It was an awesome end to spring break and it makes me excited for Fiesta de Isabela which is basically the independence day for the island which occurs starting on the 16th. 
Amy covered in foam

Jada participating in the reina competition
beer balloon

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