Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bartolome Q&A

Hannah: Hi Mommy
Mom: Yes
Hannah: What did we do today?
Mom: What did we do today? We took a boat trip to Bartolome. Muy bonita. Very calm, tortugas on the way. We’re sorry Daddy didn’t join us.
(My father has a bad cold)
Hannah: What did we see on the way to Bartolome?
Mom: What did we see? I don’t know. Tell me. I’m not remembering. Did we see Nazca boobies? We saw frigates. Did we see rays on the way?
Hannah: Yes we did. What were the rays doing Mommy?
Mom: What is this a quiz? They were doing summersaults. I don’t know. They were jumping. Putting on a show.
Hannah: Describe the island
Mom: Looks like a volcanic island with what do you call them, cones and lava flows, very little green. I don’t know if this is going to make very good commentary.
Dad: Include that in the commentary.
Hannah: I’m going to. What did we do on the island?
Mom: Walk. Up how many meters? You have the statistics. What are the statistics?
Hannah: Over 100 something meters which is like 300 ft
Mom: It doesn’t sound like a lot but it is when you are trudging and hiking. If you tell people that they are going to laugh. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. I know why it was so hot on the walk. All that lava rock reflecting heat under us.
Hannah: So after we went hiking...

Mom: …you went up there to see the lava and you went up there to see the view of how many islands? You look really tired. Why are you doing this to yourself?
Hannah: I’m really not that tired.
Mom: You just have a look of “Why am I doing this?” Maybe that’s the look I’m giving you also. Do you think the climb was worth it?
Hannah: Yeah, I think it was.
Mom: And boy did that water feel good to jump in.
Hannah: Tell us about the snorkeling.
Mom: Umm…Well I would just mention that it was a good site. It had a lot of lava all over. Well what do you call it? Coral over lava? Do you know what it’s called?

Hannah: Umm…no.
Mom: Have you studied that yet? The geology?
Hannah: No
Mom: Just mention the cool stuff we saw.

Hannah: Are you going to bed?
Mom: Honey, you wore me out today. I was a trooper. You know parents always go to bed early.
Hannah: Tell me what your favorite animal was that we saw today.
Mom: Sigh. I guess the manta ray was just so impressive. It’s sheer size. How big do you think they are, Han, 6 ft, 8ft?
Hannah: I don’t know. Big. Anything else you want to include?
Mom: I don’t even know what you wrote. Can I edit? Whatever you wrote is probably fine. Just say your mommy had a wonderful day with you seeing new sights and new animals. Because that was a different kind of island than we had seen before. It was similar to the place where we saw all those boobies- Espanola.  Those were rocks. This was lava flow.
Mom: It’s one of the younger islands is what we learned. The plants haven’t come to it yet. Oh, Hannah, mention that. The guide dared us to pick up the rocks and it turns out they were really light so the guys in the group stacked them up and took pictures holding them. Did I get a picture of you with a rock?
Hannah: Ya I look like a goofball.
Mom:  How hot do you think it was?
Dad: A few degrees hotter than the surface of the sun.
Mom and Hannah: Yes

Mom: Do you need my commentary anymore?
Hannah: Nope. Go to sleep.
Mom: It was hot. I loved how we went up one or two flights of stairs and the guide said “let’s do this quickly so we can jump in the water” but we were up there for another hour. It wasn’t quick was it? There was no breeze compared  to when we were on the boat. It was hot as blazes up there. You know what it reminded me of? Neverland. You know Peter Pan? Remember the volcano that they fly around? There was a huge empty crater and a couple lava cones on our way up. Very interesting. But, now that I’ve gone I’m done with lava rocks. Unless there is a tram don’t ask me to go again. Maybe daddy can carry me.
(a little later)
Mom: Goodnight everyone.


  1. LOVE IT! Hotter than the sun :)

    What's the orange thing in the picture - that looks like an orange with cloves in it?

  2. LOVE this post!!! I can totally hear your mom's (My aunt's) voice!! What an amazing adventure. You've inspired the girls to learn more about marine life! Hope your lip is feeling better!

  3. Mer- That is a chocolate chip sea star! Now that they mention it, they do look like cloves! Jennifer- lip is all better. it only hurt for 20 minutes afterward. i'm glad the girls are inspired! And yes, you can definitely hear my mother's voice.