Friday, February 4, 2011

Lluvia, lluvia, lluvia

Hi people! Que paso? It's been raining non stop here so the internet has been epic amounts of slow. I can barely load my email some days. That's why you haven't heard from me. No, I haven't died...yet. That will come next weekend when I go diving with hammer heads hehe. There is flooding all over town and my bike is permanently stationed at IOI because there are too many puddles around town. Between the puddles that span the road that are knee deep and the mud roads, it is impossible to ride a bike. There are leaks in the roof! There is one by my door that keeps dripping and evidence of water coming through the walls next to my bed and in my bathroom and this morning I woke up and there is an inch of standing water next to my bed. It looks like it is coming through the border between the wall and the floor. My host dad is out hunting cows in the highlands, but when he gets back he is going to fix everything. Hopefully.

Class wise we have moved past botany and onto lizards and iguanas. During the two hours that it wasn't raining yesterday we took a field trip on the salt marsh trail to see the lava lizards and their burrows. Today we are going to watch iguanas at the tintoreras and then we get to go snorkeling! I hope it is semi-decent weather.
male lava lizard
Last night I took a taxi home from school with JR since it was pouring rain and I had my computer. It only costs $1 to go anywhere in town. I think we should implement this in Miami. Anyways, when I got home Maythe and her cousin Pamela greeted me at the door with big hugs. We ate dinner, which was chicken lasagna, with Pamela and her mom, which is ironic because a few of us requested chicken lasagna from a restaurant for lunch today. After dinner the girls played and watched Hercules and I got to talk to my host mom and her sister in law for a long time. We talked about everything. Our families, school, boys that have no futures, pregnancy(the sister in law is two months pregnant but already has a huge stomach. Lorena says there are probably 2 in there, I say at least 4.), jobs. Everything. It was a lot of fun and just 24 hours before that I was commenting to a friend that I wasn't getting a chance to speak in Spanish much this week since we had so much class time.
So this is life in Villamil. Constantly battling the rain, floods, and roof leaks, studying lizards in the rain, and learning Spanish. Enough about Australia flooding, Puerto Villamil is underwater! Clearly CNN has never been here haha!
P.S.-Merry, I didn't have your address so your postcard didn't go out with the ones on Monday and I just pulled it out of the flood that is on my floor. I will rewrite it and send it if you can give me your address. Thanks!


  1. Wish I could be a fly on the wall in your botany class...what was the mystery plant you posted about the other day? We are loving reading your blog- the girls love the pics!!! Love Jenn, Jack, Arianwen & Katerina