Saturday, January 29, 2011

Start of the Weekend

My barracuda
 Friday and Saturday Recap: Friday we left early on the boats to go fishing. There were only 3 people in our boat so we all got extended turns fishing. The fishing was a little dull, but it was nice to be out on the water. It was so beautiful. I caught a barracuda! It fell off the hook before I pulled it in the boat, but at least there is one picture as evidence.
 I caught this other fish too. I forget the name of it.
open water swim
 When the fishing got slow, Marina and I jumped in and swam around. One of the boat owners let us borrow his mask and we took turns. Marina counted 17 rays and I saw a ton of fish. The only downside to this fishing trip is I got a terrible burn on my shoulders and face, but now it's fading.
frigate birds
 Most of the fish that we caught we used for bait, but at the end there was some left over. As we started heading back to Villamil, one of the boat men cut it up and started throwing it to the frigate birds. It made for some awesome pictures. They were swarming along with the pelicans and a lot of sea lions. There was a baby who kept jumping out of the water. I caught it in action.
baby sea lion
tortuga! (turtle)
 In the afternoon a few of us went with Sarah to snorkel Las Tintoreras. It was a workout of a lifetime. The guy who drove us over there in his boat and led us around never stopped moving. We saw a ton of turtles, but I didn't have my camera. The only part I regretted not having my camera for was at the end there was a baby sea lion that was playing with us. He loved Sarah's camera and bit it and other peoples' hands multiple times. Anyways, we swam non stop across channels and reefs. It was exhausting. We went back to Tintoreras this morning and explored a different section. It was a pretty amazing snorkel. We saw a ton of tortugas. They are only going to be around for a little while longer because it is mating season? and after that, they won't be around in this great amount of numbers. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts.
blowing bubbles
 This sea lion scared me so badly because it came out of nowhere and sped past us.

 There were lots of these fish. I don't know its name, but they aren't very timid and like to get right in front of you so you almost run into them while swimming.
mi lobo
 I also made a lobo (sea lion) friend. She was awesome. I would snorkel around and visit her periodically. She liked playing with me.
my first wild octopus sighting!
 I SAW AN OCTOPUS! It was on my bucket list to see in the wild and I did it! He was pretty little, but he stayed still while the 5 of us crowded around him and watched. It was in about 2 feet of water so we kept bouncing into each other and the rocks. He was such a good sport. I love him.
 I love sea lions! After we played together she went up into the mangroves to her baby. It was so cute!

 This picture is for my mother. She loves the color blue and these fish were so pretty. I have a lot of pictures of this school. They hung around for a long time.
 Marina found a tintorera(white tip shark)! She called me over and we followed this guy around for a while. He swam into pretty shallow water where the visibility wasn't great, so I don't have a lot of good photos of him.
 Another thing that Las Tintoreras is famous for is the penguins! This pretty much sums up the Galapagos in one picture- marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, and Galapagos pinguinos. (BTW the ice cream bars that they sell here on the island are owned by a company named Pinguino and the ice cream is amazing!)
Maythe and I with a giant tortoise
 In the afternoon, I went with my family to a tortoise breeding/hatchery place on the outskirts of town towards Playa Del Amor and the surfing beach. It was me, Lorena, Maythe, and 3 cousins. We had a blast. We walked through a nature trail back towards towns that go through areas with lots of flamingos. Pretty awesome.
 We then walked along the beach and chased crabs. Maythe and her cousin who is about the same age held my hands the entire afternoon unless I was taking a picture. They kept calling me "la princessa". It was a lot of fun.
 We stopped at the playground on the beach and played on the swings and see-saw. We ran around and it was a lot of fun just to play like a kid. That's probably why I like to babysit so much- I never want to grow up. Maythe might just be the cutest 5-year-old in the world. Agreed?
 This is my mom Lorena. One of the cousins snuck up behind her and started pushing her. She was freaking out that she was going to hit the post. (She didn't, but it led to great pictures)
So after all that walking we were all so tired. Lorena bought us juice boxes that cost $0.30 y muy rico! I am so spent after the past 2 days. I snorkeled 3 times, have biked from IOI to my house and back multiple times, walked around and on the beach with my family, and posted a blog. Hard work.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a day of rest. If I don't get to sleep in, a siesta will be in order. Also, I'm writing postcards tomorrow and sending them out on Monday. If you want one, just give me your address. I think that sums up everything. Goodnight everybody.


  1. Looks like a great weekend!!! Hopefully you are getting time for a napper today! Love you - Miss you!!!

  2. I love your stories!!! We'd love a postcard- the girls would be so psyched to get one from the Galapagos!! I'll get your email from your mom and email you our address! So glad to read that you're having such a great time!! xoxo!

  3. Looks like you're having a great time! And it looks warm. I'm more jealous of that than anything :)

  4. Your pictures are awesome. And you already know my address. ;)