Monday, January 31, 2011

The Rainy Season

The rainy season in the Galapagos starts in January. Up until last night we haven't experienced much rain except for in the highlands and an occasional dark cloud. Last night it poured. Not like a little bit of rain, it was raining cats and dogs. When I left for class this morning, the town was flooded. We have water marks on the ceiling of our house and there are puddles and mud everywhere. There was a boy who was playing with his toy boat on one of the major roads.
We are starting a new course this week with 2 new professors. Terrestrial Biology of the Galapagos is broken into 3 parts- botany, lizards, and birds. We dove right into the botany portion today with a 100 slide powerpoint this morning and a 2 hour walking field trip this afternoon. We went down the same boardwalk that my family did on Saturday but this time I had to recall each plant and learn to recognize it. Since everything is about botany you have to deal with plant pictures today.

poisonous apples- only tortoises can eat them. even the leaves and bark can affect humans
endemic Galapagos cotton
My task for the next two days is to figure out what this plant is- my professor didn’t know so I am using it for the topic of my botany project that everyone has to do.

igaunas outside of Casa Rosada
Already we have so much work- way different from Sarah’s class. I have to go home tonight and do a lot of textbook reading (my favorite) instead of playing cards or watching a movie with Maythe. Tomorrow we have double field trips so it looks like another busy day.

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