Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Old Friends

Yesterday we drove down to Naples to visit a friend that I grew up with, but haven't seen for a long time. Ariana and I grew up living next door to each other in Darien, CT. She moved when I was 8 and she was 10. She spent the rest of her childhood growing up in Minnesota and I hadn't seen her since. I've never had an experience where I hadn't seen somebody for a long time while they were growing up so it was interesting to catch up. My parents and I visited their condo and enjoyed the afternoon with food and a view of the ocean. We had a lot of fun talking about things we used to do when we were little, games we used to play, stupid things we used to make up to fill our time. We told stories of spending time on our road, riding the bus to school, walking home. We compared middle school, high school, and college experiences. She is just as I remembered her.
We met Sherry Lewis after a live Lamb Chop performance
Clearly fatally injured
Aren't we precious?
Both Ariana and I have parents who have uprooted us and moved to Florida. My parents moved last fall after I graduated from high school and hers moved last year. Both of us agreed that its hard to spend holidays away from where we grew up and without any friends around to spend time with.
It was very nice to spend an afternoon with someone who will be one of my friends forever. Besides the fact that she has now graduated college and is searching for a job, and I am working my way through college, not much has changed since the days that we raced up the hill from the bus stop so we could play on her swing set, or with my dogs, or enthuse about the toys in her basement.


  1. She also had a secret door and room in her basement....


  2. awww Hannah I love this!!