Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lunchtime Snorkel

I am only one day behind on blog posts! Woohoo! The internet and time that it takes to upload pictures makes it hard to keep you guys updated. Are you guys enjoying the pictures? Should I keep doing it?
Yesterday during lunch, Marina and I went snorkeling! We have a lunch break from 12-3 so we spent an hour in the water. It was about a 15 minute walk from IOI and the lagoon was pretty calm.
 I had a stare off with a sea lion. Then he started doing circles around me and blowing bubbles. :)
I took over 100 pictures and most of them turned out awful. Photographer error. I have a lot of pictures of fish butts and fish heads if anyone wants to see them when I get back. The nature of it all was gorgeous. We saw more sea urchins, yellow lipped fish, and rainbow fish. Ha to scientific names...that will be changed during a future class.

One lesson for anyone who wants to go to the Galapagos in the future. I have learned this one now. Bring and wear more neoprene than you think you will need. I wore my little neoprene t-shirt, but I wished that I had brought my 1.5 mm. Oh well. Tomorrow we are going back and going to explore the lagoon closer to the open ocean (look at the second picture).


  1. Yes, keep posting for your mom's sake. Love it! Love ya, Mom

  2. So the neoprene- is that for sun protection, or because the water's cold??

  3. it was because the water is cold- it's not like the Caribbean here. but today i got an awful burn so this afternoon it was also for sun protection