Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life Is Grand

I, like everyone, have been complaining a lot lately, but my life is pretty awesome here. So what if I have to shower using water with mosquito larvae squirming around in it or that my hands have blisters from my new bike that I bought, or that I had to hike around in the highlands and got covered in spider webs and flies. I have equally awesome parts of my life here. I get to hang out with these people all day, every day, and they make really attractive faces when I take pictures of them: 

 I also get to snorkel during lunch time and chase puffer fish
 And this is what my dinner looked like! Definitely picture worthy! The jugo de pina is to die for. I am looking forward to drinking it with breakfast tomorrow. Nothing is better than watching Lorena chop up a fresh pineapple and throw it in the blender. YUM!
Also, a dog followed me to IOI tonight when I came to work on a group project. Dogs often follow us around since their are so many of them running around here. I had a nice escort and he ensured my safe arrival. At the end of the day it doesn't matter that I don't have hot water or internet connection or a dryer for my clothes or an English speaking family or clean feet when I go to bed or that I'm sweaty the majority of the day or that my hair is almost never clean or that I don't have a mirror at my house? No and simply because I live in the Galapagos. How lucky am I?

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