Sunday, January 16, 2011

Estoy en Quito!

We all arrived in Quito this evening! LAN airlines is really nice and they served us a nice meal complete with metal utensils and glass cups. I got an exit row and I watched The Social Network and enjoyed a nice little nap. Customs and Immigration (which the translated to migration in English) were a breeze and we had a shuttle service waiting for us when we arrived. We were starving when we got to the hostel around 9:30 and they had nice sandwiches prepared for us. We checked in and started looking around. This hostel is the most gorgeous thing ever. Marina and I are sharing a double on the second floor and there are 2 big beds and an awesome loft. Currently I am sitting in front of a fire covered with gorgeous tiles(there is a picture on the website) because it is actually quite cold in the mountains at 9,000 ft. After we all ate, Johann gave us an introductory briefing and then we all left to explore the surrounding area. We found a cute little bar and got a big table in the back. We all enjoyed getting to know one another and it looks like it is going to be a really good bunch of people. Tomorrow is an early morning with breakfast being served at 7:15 and we leave at 7:30. So as of now that puts me at a little over 5 hours of sleep. I'm super excited to fly tomorrow because we will be able to see all of the topography that we missed this evening because it was already dark. We may or may not have internet in the hotel we are going to, but I will update the progress of our journey ASAP. Woohoo!
Edit: Vamos a Galapagos! We are here bright and early in the morning waiting for the plane. Super tired. Our 2nd Ecuadorian meal at our hostel consisted of watermelon, papaya, rolls, and mango juice. The mountains that we couldn't see last night are amazing. I really love all the colors so far. On the way to the airport it was beautiful to see all of the different types of buildings and roads. Some of the things here would never be allowed in the U.S., but I think that they are a lot simpler than what we have. I am still in love with our little hostel, especially when you get greeted multiple times with "Buenos dias". Oh and I checked in at the ticket counter completely in Spanish. Yay! In a couple of hours we will be on a beautiful island!
Here are some pictures from the first and last morning in the hostel.

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