Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bags All Packed

I am ready to go! More than ready to go! Packing began today by trying to stuff the piles that I had so neatly laid out over the course of the break into the L.L. Bean duffel I have owned for....well, forever. We finished getting my fins, snorkel, 2 wetsuits, cosmetics, and shoes in and it was 80% full. Don't fear! We tried another bag that I have... and the fins were too long to fit in. Bummer. So after much discussion of whether I should take 2 separate bags, which would be hard to carry, we drove to the Samsonite outlet with a fin for reference. I ended up with the biggest rolling duffel in the place.
And this thing is huge. But I did fill it up. Amazing. I was trying to eliminate as much as possible and downsize, but scuba gear is huge. I've never traveled on a plane with it before and it takes up a lot of room! Thankfully, the new bag has a handy zip off bottom portion that fits all of it perfectly.
In other news, now that the zodiac signs have changed, I am now a Sagittarius. Not that I care very much, but I did some research. According to Wikipedia, "Individuals who have a strong Sagittarian influence are typically interested in expanding their horizons through traveling abroad, learning foreign languages, or immersing themselves in unique cultures." Coincidence?

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  1. haha!!! I'm a sag too!! Can't wait to read about your trip! xoxo!
    Love Jenn :)