Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my poor baby....

My dog Violet is sick. :( She gets sick more than a dog should and it happens the same way every time. Normally she's pretty sassy like her human mommy, but her personality quickly changes when she is not feeling well. She gets overly clingy and follows you around everywhere and when you stop moving she will sit down on your feet. Her entire body trembles even when she is calm enough to sleep. She moans and cries and is almost inconsolable. Her breathing is heavy and desperate like she is overheated and just ran a marathon. And this always happens at night. Dinner time she is running around like normal, but as soon as it hits the time where everyone wants to go to bed, the sickness kicks in. Normally the cause is her ears. She has terrible ear infections and they pop up even when we are taking care of them(cleaning them out, putting antibiotic in on a regular basis). I remember one time she had such bad ear infections that she would cock her head to one side and shake her head up and down and whimper as she did it. It was heartbreaking to watch.
Tonight she wasn't showing us any signs that her ears were the source of her misery, but when I went to put medicine in one of them tonight, she flinched, ran away, and flinched some more after I pinned her to the ground to put it in. I held her in my lap for a long time during this evening's bowl game and I got her to stop shaking for a little while once she fell asleep, but her breathing was still stronger than it should be. When I went to put her to bed, she did not want to go. She wrapped herself around my ankles and did not want to sleep by herself. I finally convinced her to sleep in Peanut's cage, but she was not all that happy about it. A trip to the vet is in order for tomorrow morning, if she lasts that long. Usually her behavior gets so concerning that we end up taking her to a 24 hour vet clinic late in the night. Tonight was not all that bad, but I still feel awful for her. The good thing is she will let us know if she feels any worse. She will loudly voice her opinion and we will wake up at any hour and take her to the vet. For now we are just letting her sleep and rest and will see what she's like in the morning. Until then we are keeping an ear out for her whimpers and cries tonight. She's been in bed for about 15 minutes and so far, so good. Poor little Vi.

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