Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manateez 12/27

Today was another bout of wonderful family time. I had spent the morning running errands with my dad in order to send my application for a visa to the Galapagos out to the embassy. This involved pictures at CVS, obtaining a money order from B of A, and an always important stop to get more dog food at PetCo. The final stop in this journey once again proved to me that some people really are not cultured. (is this really possible?) The woman at FedEx didn't know how to spell Ecuador! (really?) Even after we spelled it out for her numerous times, I glanced at the envelope and it was addressed to "The Embassy of EQECUADOR. (really?) What a joyous occasion. When my father and I arrived home I found that my sisters and my mother had gone to Whole Foods and brought home soup for lunch. for themselves. only themselves. I'm still bitter and craving corn chowder. A trip to Whole Foods is in order before I fly away to the Galapagos.
Now to the highlight of the day! Manatee Park! Sounds like a huge tourist trap right? And it was in a way. There is a power plant with a canal next to it. When some very smart people figured out that the manatees liked to congregate in this area, they built a park and charged for parking. Ahh the cost of enjoying nature. Manatee park is rightly named for there were A TON of manatees, possibly more. We overheard that there were 500 in the canal today, but that seems a bit overestimated. As much as I love marine mammals, I was almost disgusted today. There was one area off of the main canal were there were many, many, manatees. On top of each other, rolling over each other, climbing over each other to breathe. I had never seen so many fat mammals in one place. It was a little nauseating. As always with nature, pictures don't do it justice, but here is an attempt at the "manatee pit" which I have now dubbed it.Of course the Peck girls were able to find cute statues of manatees to take face pictures with. It's pretty much our favorite thing to do- take stupid pictures of ourselves doing uninteresting things and post them on facebook. Joy to the world.
After dinner we went over to our neighbors house, which I thought was going to be an awful, awkward experience, but once again I am proven wrong. They gave us a tour of their house(+2), offered us wine(+11), and had David Crowder playing(+6), and they weren't old(+8). Which gives them an arbitrary score of 27 for the evening. The numbers mean nothing. I'm just happy my parents are meeting friends in this area. Ones that seem pretty similar to themselves. And at the end of the day isn't that really what matters? Having someone there to connect with and who understands you, even if it's only a manatee?

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