Thursday, December 30, 2010


I had the joy of interacting with 4 different customer service agents today. None of them were particularly enjoyable and all have left me not wanting to dial a 800 number any time soon.
The first was a guy from Shutterfly who was excessively rude. I get it, I'm an idiot, but he really didn't need to make me feel like the idiot I am. Thank you sir. He informed me that I was not able to order 4x6 prints and pick them up at Target because Target only printed 4x8 prints. Really? Because I now have them in my hot little hands. After he laughed at me and put me on hold, I hung up on him. Someone who makes me feel bad about myself is not needed in my life. I can figure it out on my own. And I did.
I then returned a call to United who left me an automated voice message before I woke up. Upon calling them I learned that my return flight from Ibiza to Madrid had been pushed back three hours making my connection from Madrid to Washington, D.C. impossible. Yay!(sarcasm) Ms. Brown put me on hold for several minutes while she tried to find me an alternate flight that would accommodate my connection back to the states. No luck. The only other flight is a whole 24 hours before which would mean quality time with Ryan in the Madrid airport. Sorry, but spending 24 hours in an airport does not sound like fun no matter who I am with. But Ms. Brown was quick to point out that my entire trip could be refunded and I could start my itinerary over again. This was not a good option considering my father and I spent a couple hours planning, booking, and paying for the multi-city airline travel. I decided to discuss with the father figure and call back later.
For round two I got to speak with Pam. I told her about my situation and how my dad found an identical flight to the one that got canceled, but with another airline. To this she got overly defensive as if I had blamed her for all of my life struggles. She reassured me that United was not to blame, but the problem was SpanAir because they were the ones who canceled the flight. Ya okay, I got it, I'm not trying to point blame, I'm just trying to get my butt back from Spain in June. If I remember correctly UNITED called my phone in the wee hours of the morning NOT SpanAir. Anywho, after being on hold for 18 minutes she informed me that I could cancel that one flight from my itinerary, but I would not receive any money back for this cancellation. They would however, waive the $250 fee for changing my itinerary. It was the least the could do. Really. Thank you Pam. The only plus to this is that from being on hold with United so many times over the past couple weeks, I am starting to really like their music.
Final customer service agent of the day brings us back to Shutterfly. I went into Target with my printed receipt that I received through email as instructed and handed it to the lady at customer service. She looked at it as though it was on fire and handed it back to me. She looked through the photos that were on the counter and didn't find any that belonged to me. She looked through the drawer and still did not find any. She looked through the computer system and still no luck. She said that she didn't have them and I walked away. When I was almost out of ear shot she called me back and handed me my photos. Apparently she had been looking for H for Hannah instead of P for Peck. Ummm wow. okay. I thought it was common sense that it would be alphabetized by last name, but alas I did not work at Target so I wouldn't know how they organize their system.
Normally I never have a problem with this kind of interaction, but today I got four strikes against me. Oh well. I finally received my photos via Shutterfly and canceled a flight via United and both are squared away. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with anything else I have to do before I leave. Customer service and I are not on good terms.

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